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Reptar monster potion

Reptar monster potion

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Monster potion art print 🧌


Get to know this monster: Reptar was the victim of a chemical spill… but let’s start from the beginning, Reptar was abandoned when he was a young pup to roam the sewers of Florida. Even though He was alone he was happy and occupied his time cashing the rats and fish. That was until one morning, something was off, he was on his morning walk through the tunnels looking for breakfast, but nothing was in sight, and that’s when it happened.. he heard the sounds of crashing water rumbling towards him, he ran as fast as he could but ultimately was engulfed. He woke up at the end of the tunnel.. feeling off. He crawled over to a puddle and looked down.. his teeth where 10x the same.. and what was that on his back?! Wings!? 

Dimensions: 5” x 7”

includes a clear protective sleeve 

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